Vermont Cemetery

Past News

Installation of Cemetery Map and Directory

April 01, 2013

On a cold and rainy April afternoon recently, three years of work culminated in the mounting of a color-coded Vermont Lutheran Cemetery Map and Directory adjacent to the cemetery on a corner of the Gathering Place building.  Terry DeWitt of TD Sign and Graphics designed, printed and mounted the two-piece map and directory so that gravesites can easily be found.  The larger panel includes a map grid that shows burial sites by name with a tan background, reserved sites in green and potentially available sites in white.  A smaller panel to the right lists those buried in the cemetery in alphabetical order and identifies the grave location by grid coordinates including column and row. A third panel to be mounted later will list donors to the Vermont Lutheran Cemetery Preservation Fund, a fund that will provide for future maintenance of the cemetery and expansion.


Three old and partial maps of the cemetery were first combined to make one comprehensive map. Next, field verification was done by Dave Haugen and Jon Urness, members of the Cemetery Association board. Then Gary Olsen, also a board member, proofed the directory list and again field verified the data. Gary then put together a database of all the names to provide an alphabetical directory listing along with grid coordinates. After dozens of revisions and corrections, the data was handed over to Terry to create the signs.

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