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Introduction to Biblical Theology

Vermont Lutheran Church




2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 10:45 am

Suggested Text: Harper-Collins Study Bible, NRSV

Taught by Rev. Rebecca Clancy

· Undergraduate at Smith College with a major in Religion.

· Graduate School at Chicago Theological Seminary with a focus on the Old Testament.

· Former faculty at Elmhurst University including teaching:  The                    Development of the Dogmas of the Trinity, the Two Natures of Christ, and      Original Sin; Emergence Christian Thought; Biblical Theology and a course on the theological responses to the Holocaust.

· Former pastor of First Congregation Church of Geneva, UCC



Introducing the Bible:  Three Interpretive Principles


Introducing the Old Testament:  Three Theological Themes


The Old Testament:


The Epic Saga of Israel’s Origins:  Creation through the Wandering


Genesis: Ch.2:4-Ch.12; Ch.15-Ch.22; Ch.24-Ch.25; Ch.27-Ch.33; Ch.37-Ch.50

Exodus: Ch.1-Ch.21


The Central History:  Joshua, Judges, and the Rise of the Monarchy


Joshua: Ch.1-Ch.8; Ch. 23-24

Judges: Ch.1-Ch.5

I Samuel: Ch.1-18; Ch.28-31

II Samuel: Ch.1-Ch.7; Ch.11-Ch.12

I Kings: Ch.1-12; Ch.16:29-Ch.22

II Kings: Ch.1-Ch.10


The Phenomenon of Prophecy


Amos: Entire

Hosea: Entire

Isaiah: Ch.1-2; Ch.6-Ch.9; Ch.11

Deuteronomy: Ch.1:1-5; Ch.4-Ch.22

II Kings: Ch.22-Ch.25

Jeremiah: Ch.1-Ch.4; Ch.7; Ch.20-7:18; Ch.26; Ch.31-32


The Exile


Genesis: Ch.1-Ch.2:4

Isaiah: Ch.40-55


The Restoration


Jonah: Entire

Ruth: Entire




Daniel: Ch.7, Ch.12


New Testament:


Matthew, Mark, and Luke


Mark: Entire

Matthew: Entire

Luke: Entire


John’s Gospel


John: Entire


The Early Church and the Apostle Paul


Acts: Ch.2; Ch.7-Ch.11

Galatians: Entire

I Corinthians: Entire

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