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Legacy Fund

Creating the

Legacy Fund

Vermont Lutheran Church and Cemetery was built on a scenic hilltop. It is a historic treasure, a place for worship and community activities. The beautiful Cemetery is regularly visited by families far and wide. The Legacy Fund was established to maintain our Church and Cemetery. A gift now or a commitment in your will means your support will be continued long after your death.


It is our time to build a legacy

Become a member of the Legacy Fund.  Members of the Legacy Fund come from all walks of life and are united by a desire to preserve our beautiful Church and Cemetery.

Vermont Lutheran Church owns and maintains a cemetery, historic church building and Gathering Place with a hilltop viewscape. Christian stewardship involves the faithful management of all the gifts God has given us, including accumulated, inherited and appreciated resources. Therefore, we created the Legacy Fund to encourage, receive and administer these gifts.

Our goal is to generate a Legacy Fund of $1 Million dollars, or more.

Through receipt of bequests, grants and/or gifts, contributions to the Legacy Fund and investment growth has served two very important purposes now and into the future:

· we have purchased 115 acres neighboring the church for expansion of the cemetery, development of a recreational area consisting of paths through the woods and propsed prairie and allows moving the children's playground equipment out of the cemetery area; and/or

· Provide funds for future maintenance of the cemetery and/or building and grounds needs of the Church.


Any legacy member whose contribution totals $1,000 or more will be recognized with a brass plate on a prominently displayed plaque. Annual meeting reports will include all the names of those individuals who made a contribution of any amount that year.

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Types of planned gifts

  • Current Outright Gift

  • Bequest by Will; provide a written statement in a donor’s will or trust directing that a percentage or a specific dollar amount of the estate be given; possible tax reduction of estate and inheritance taxes.

  • Life Insurance Gift; assignment of policy to church or church holds policy on donor’s life; possible tax deduction of the premiums and cash value of policy.

  • Retirement Assets; give tax-deferred assets to the church as a beneficiary at death; church receives assets without paying deferred taxes.

Check with your attorney that bequests are handled properly.

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