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Men's Meatball Dinner

3rd Sunday in February

Everyone is invited to attend the annual Men’s Meatball Dinner at Vermont Lutheran Church, the third Sunday in February. This is a fund raiser for the ongoing ministry of the congregation. There is one seating, at 11:30 AM, for 120 diners. The price includes a dinner of Norwegian meatballs, lefse, potatoes, beans, dessert and plenty of hospitality served by the men of Vermont Lutheran Church.
Meatball Dinner 20190217_122917.jpg

Vermont Dinner Thank You

Thank you to all who participated in the 25th annual mens dinner February 18, 2018, at Vermont Lutheran Church -members who boiled potatoes, rolled and baked lefse, made gravy and prepped and served meatballs and other food. But, especially we thank those who came and ate the dinner. Through your generosity, we raised almost $1,950 that will be donated to the Christians in Action and Heights Unlimited food pantries as well as to the Luke House, in Madison. By preparing, serving and eating this meal, many needy individuals in our community will enjoy a hearty meal in return!

Peter Antonie

Vermont Lutheran Church council president

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