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Know This!

Vermont Lutheran Church is open and accepting to anyone at anytime! No matter what your age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or your political affiliation, eye color or taste in vegetables...


NO, Really!! Yes, we are set in a pretty monocultural area and our membership consists mostly of Norwegians and a few Germans, but we willingly, eagerly,

honestly, purposely invite ALL people to join us in any of our activities!  We don't care what your age, gender, orientation, political affiliations, or denominational background is -- as long as you are not disrespectful of others or promote hate and division.  We don't say this lightly or to be p.c., we really DO mean it!

Men at Work!

End of Year Choir Party

Thanks, Marguerite!

Our 2017 Graduates! 


And three of the first recipients of the

Cal Tollefson Scholarship Award!

Our House Worship

...everyone is welcome in this house of God!

...and Parades!