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Vermont Lutheran Church performs weddings for members and non-members.  Any services must be performed in conjunction with our Pastor.


We rejoice with you on your upcoming wedding and welcome the opportunity to plan with you for a Christian wedding. Our team consists of the Vermont Lutheran Pastor, Organist/Pianist, Church Administration and you!


A Christian wedding takes place within a service of worship. Wedding planning is done with careful and prayerful consideration. The joy of the marriage ceremony is reflected in the prayers, praise, and thanksgiving of those who come together for this special occasion.


Planning Your Wedding 

The first step for a wedding is to check the Facility Availability Calendar to see if the requested date is available.  Next, contact the Pastor for their availability.  Once the Pastor has confirmed availability, the date to use our Sanctuary will be confirmed and updated on the calendar.  This should be done before you reserve a reception venue, photographer or musicians. Vermont Lutheran Church's Sanctuary is available for weddings except for times of worship.  Our Sanctuary accommodates over 250 people. Rehearsals are usually scheduled the night before.


About four months prior to their wedding, the couple will meet with the Pastor. During their first meeting, they will review the wedding program and start to plan their vows, readings, music, etc.  Please see the Wedding Handbook below with suggestions for scripture readings, music, and vows.   You will also find information on fees, policies and the wedding service outline.  The Pastor will begin completing the wedding information form with you.  As your date approaches, you will meet again with your Pastor again to finalize the service plans.  The church administration is available to create and print the finalized bulletins/programs, if this is something you do not want to do one your own.

The Pastor will lead the rehearsal to familiarize the wedding party with the wedding ceremony; where to stand, when to walk in, etc. 

We look forward to making your wedding memorable, sacred and joyful!

Wedding Handbook:

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