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     On Sept. 27, 1855, a group of Norwegian farmers held their first joined worship service in what was to be Vermont Lutheran. In 1856, in the Town of Vermont, Dane County, Wisconsin, the congregation of Vermont Lutheran Church officially was formed.  Norwegians in the area had decided it was time to get together to organize their worship and give thanks to God in an assembly.   Though few in number, the dedicated families soon had a building of their own which was located approximately 1/4 mile to the east of it's present location.

     The Vermont Lutheran Church built in the 1860s became inadequate to accommodate the growing congregation.  In 1913 the new church was built.

     In the 1920s, Vermont Lutheran held its first Lutefisk Dinner which had grown in years to servicing about 1,000 people each October.

     In September 1957, the steel was razed and the steeple was pulled to the ground.

     In June of 1988, a new steeple was placed.

In 1995, the narthex addition was added to the front of the church including an elevator.

     In 2002, the kitchen was remodeled.

     Previously yoked with other churches in Perry, Springdale, Blue Mounds, Mt. Horeb. Mazomanie, and Black Earth, Vermont Lutheran stood on its own in 2009 and hired its first full-time pastor.

     In 2010, a Gathering Place was built primarily by congregational members, as a place to be hospitable, a little less formal, and more inviting.

Legacy Grand Opening.png
Legacy Land.png

       Vermont Lutheran continues to be a mission-oriented congregation involved in food pantries, supplying school kits, aiding homeless veterans, providing quilts and health kits for needy people around the globe, and so much more.

      In 2020, the famous Lutefisk dinner was canceled due to COVID and was replaced with meatball and lefse take-out.

      In 2022, Vermont Lutheran Church purchased 115 acres of surrounding land for the "Legacy Prairie and Woodland" and expansion of the cemetery.  At this time, the prairie was planted, the Gathering Place was updated, detention and retention ponds were dug, and a patio with a firepit was added. 

     In 2023, two shelter houses were erected.  One on the patio beside The Gathering Place and one atop the cemetery hill in the woods called "The Retreat".

    Our future plans include:  preparing trails throughout the prairies and woodlands, hiring a new pastor, and continuing our work with missions.  In November of each year, VLC sponsors a Hunters gathering and potluck, in the spring we hold a breakfast for bicyclers; a meatball dinner is held in February.

     A very friendly congregation, VLC welcomes everyone with open arms and more genuine smiles than you could imagine.  We welcome all visitors and guests and encourage folks who just want to come to see what this historic congregation and church building are all about.

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